abandoned steam locomotives, Maine

Here (and for a more comprehensive view, at https://damnyankee.us) are published, updated, or reprinted the collected written works — the stories, tales, novels, fables, memoirs, editorials, ideas, diatribes, screeds, rants, principles, laments, didacticisms, ipsedixitisms, tirades, ponderings, and hopes — of David A. Woodbury of Lincoln, Maine, a native American (definition: born in America) with both Indigenous and post-European roots in Maine, a naturalist, meanderthral,* raconteur, individual rights activist, provocateur, curmudgeon, and anachronism.

This site was begun in September 2016, and as time goes by, stories, books, and other pieces will be added until a “complete works” has been assembled.  Also, I have published, and will continue to do so, certain documents, photos, letters, and diaries of historical or family interest, written by others who have left them to fall into my possession.  While some are personal, the authors of these pieces are no longer with us and parting the curtain onto their lives is respectfully done.

The site is organized with separate sections (see menu above) labeled books, stories, articles, family, history, and miscellaneous.  This is free reading.  Comments are welcome.  If a writer yourself, you are especially welcome to call me when you’re drunk some night and can’t find the napkin that you wrote Kurt Vonnegut’s number on.  (He’s no longer taking calls.)

Share if you like something.  Contact me if you want to.  Find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/woodbury.david.  I’m also on Twitter (sometimes) as @OldMaineGuide, and on Instagram as maineyankee.  All text and photos are the property of the author (me) or are used with permission and are protected by copyright, with the exception of the book by and about Brother Lawrence, which is in the public domain.

Also please visit my tribute to Albert Jay Nock at WordPress, a site highlighting the works and thinking of America’s fiercest social critic and denunciator of the State.

Another related site is Registered Maine Guide, which features some thoughts on the experience of living and guiding in the north Maine woods.

Your time is important, and I may have a lot to say.  So I’ll use the right words to hold your attention but only as many words as required to say it.

*meanderthral [n.], 1. being captivated or enthralled, perhaps spontaneously or involuntarily, by disparate attractions while wandering. 2. a person who is in such a state

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