Tales to Warm Your Mind

This song, Stop, Look, Listen, was written and recorded by the Irish Rovers and released in 1969 on their album, Tales to Warm Your Mind.

Listen while I tell you
Tales to warm your mind
Stop, Look, Listen
See what you can find.

An orangutan who can sing
Pirate ships and gypsy kings
Now a horse who learned to fly
Don’t know how. Don’t know why.


Buy a car with Liquorice wheels
Driven by two jellied eels
But don’t drive it at full pelt
Or the chocolate tires will melt.


Do you know that smiling in your sleep
Means there are secrets that you keep
Locked in boxes in your head
Wise men find them when you’re dead.


The short story collection, Tales to Harm Your Mind, takes its title from a twist on this song’s lyrics.


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